Grantee Spotlight: CodeNow

CodeNow: Creating the Developers of the Future

Since 2011, CodeNow has been working to expand access to education and training for careers in technology. The organization offers free workshops in computer programming to high school students, with an emphasis on reaching individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about computer science.  Operating in some of America’s most diverse metropolitan areas (New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, and San Francisco), CodeNow provides educational support in immigrant and minority communities, nurturing future generations of programmers and scientists.

CodeNow’s classes are held on weekends at local technology companies. Pre-work is assigned prior the first lesson to introduce students to the basics of coding. At the workshops, students are divided into small groups based upon skill level; each group is assigned a customized curriculum tailored to their prior experience and abilities. The classes take place over three days (for a total of 25 hours), furnishing the students with an understanding of coding fundamentals. The organization also provides support after the completion of the classes by supplying supplemental study materials and giving students the opportunity to return for additional workshops.

On February 17, CodeNow celebrated its fourth birthday; in that short time the organization has provided 25,000 hours of free training to more than 550 students, with 91% of its graduates continuing to develop their technology skills. In 2015, the organization also debuted its newest initiative, CodeNow in a Box. With an ambitious goal of reaching 10,000 students by 2020, the initiative will bring the organization's tools and curriculum to tech companies across the country, helping businesses contribute to their local communities and significantly increasing the reach of CodeNow’s programming.

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