Going Home: Pen + Brush Reopens with “Domesticity Revisited”

Jee Hee Kang, Blue Refrigerator (For All The Vanished Things), oil, black gesso & charcoal on fabric, 95"x98", 2012.

Pen + Brush, a organization that addresses gender-based inequality in art and literature, will celebrate the grand opening of its new headquarters and gallery space with Domesticity Revisited, an exhibition curated by our own executive director, Rick Kinsel.

The exhibition features four female artists—Jee Hee Kang, Michela Martelo, Yun Koung Shin, and Tricia Wright—working across various media and techniques, from photography to installation, frottage to embroidery. (Coincidentally, all four artists are also foreign-born!) While they demonstrate a multiplicity of ideas and approaches, the artists are united in their incorporation of themes and objects evocative of domesticity.

“While these artists are practicing in disparate media and movements, it is nonetheless worthwhile to note their shared interests: spirituality, home, handicraft, and the steady transition of women out of the domestic roles previously dictated by societal norms, even while they recognize the importance of domesticity to the soul,” wrote Rick in his curatorial statement. “They seem to be pointing us, in visual terms, toward a new world, one more generous in its allowance of all artists—male and female—to enjoy greater freedom, flexibility, and opportunities in the practice of their art.“

Tricia Wright, Vir Domesticus (Marginalia), acrylic, polyurethane, paper, canvas, 36”x60”, 2014.

Domesticity Revisited grew out of Pen + Brush’s online submission platform. Women artists and writers are invited to submit their works through P+B’s website, where it will be reviewed by prominent volunteer curators and editors. Selected artworks are exhibited at P+B’s gallery space in Manhattan, while literary fiction and poetry are published through P+B’s website or electronic imprint.

The exhibition kicks off this week on October 8; join us at the opening from 5:30–8:30PM!  The exhibition will run through December 30. Visit P+B for its address and standard hours of operation.      

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