A Look at the 2015 Creative Promise Prize Applicants

The seventh annual call for Creative Promise Prize applications was open to professionals in the fields of biomedical science, and for the first time in arts  fashion. Two-hundred and fifty four scientists and fashion professionals answered the call, representing diverse fields in each respective industry and hailing from eighty different countries. 

Once again, there are many noteworthy statistics from this group of candidates. The following charts take a look at applicants in biomedical science (violet) and fashion (red). Thank you to all our applicants for applying for the Creative Promise Prizes. We look forward to announcing the prizewinners early next year.


CPP 2015

Of 254 total candidates, 162 applied in biomedical science and 92 applied in fashion.


Male applicants were more likely to apply in biomedical science (100), than in fashion (29). Nearly half of all female applicants applied in biomedical science (62), while others applied in fashion (63). Men and women were almost equally distributed with 129 male and 125 female applicants.


Neuroscience, bioengineering, and cancer research were among the top fields of biomedical science applicants, while a dominant majority of fashion applicants applied as designers.


This year marked the most diverse field of applicants since first launching the Creative Promise Prizes in 2009. Applicants from 80 countries applied; countries of birth include China (32), India (20), Canada, South Korea, Russia (11, each), and for the first time: Bangladesh, Yemen, Macau, Tanzania, Uganda, and Belize.

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