Ralston Crawford: Torn Signs
Ralston Crawford: Torn Signs
May 13 through November 13, 2019

Ralston Crawford: Torn Signs explores the national and international influences on the multifaceted Canadian-born artist. Although he earned acclaim early in his career for his Precisionist paintings of an industrialized America, Crawford devoted the latter part of his career to abstract painting with a remarkable emotional dimension. Torn Signs focuses on two series—“Torn Signs” and “Semana Santa”—that the artist developed over the last two decades of his life.

Open Mondays, Wednesdays, and select Saturdays, from 11:30AM – 3PM. Admission is free, but you must register in advance.

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  • Ralston Crawford: Torn Signs

    Our new exhibition, Ralston Crawford: Torn Signs, features paintings, drawings, and photography by a master of American Modernism that are rarely exhibited to the public.


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