In fulfilling its ongoing mission to raise public awareness of the outstanding contributions of foreign-born scientists and artists living and working in the United States, the Vilcek Foundation presents awards annually to selected candidates in biomedical research and a changing category in the arts.

This year, we are proud to welcome Dr. Thomas Jessell and Neri Oxman as the 2014 Vilcek Prizewinners in Biomedical Science and Design, respectively. Congratulations as well to the Creative Promise Prizewinners in Biomedical Science: Dr. Antonio Giraldez, Dr. Stavros Lomvardas, and Dr. Pardis Sabeti; and in Design: Yasaman Hashemian, Mansour Ourasanah, and Quilian Riano.


The guiding philosophy behind the establishment of the Vilcek Foundation Prizes is to support activities that reflect the values of Jan and Marica Vilcek, the organization’s cofounders, and that help express their appreciation for the many opportunities afforded to them by their adopted country.