Announcing the winners of the
2015 Vilcek Prizes
in Biomedical Science and Fashion

Vilcek Prize in Biomedical Science

Peter Walter

For his fundamental insights into how proteins reach their proper locations within cells and for uncovering signaling mechanisms that cells deploy while facing stress.

Vilcek Prize in Fashion

Andrew Bolton

For a curatorial approach that combines a keen aesthetic with intellectual rigor, and that has elevated the field of fashion as an art form.

Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science

Sun Hur

For interdisciplinary studies on the molecular mechanisms of enzyme reactions and the innate immune system.

Rob Knight

For groundbreaking research on microbial communities and the development of computational tools that honed the analysis of microbial data.

Franziska Michor

For work that fuses evolutionary biology, mathematics, and clinical research toward a better understanding of cancer genesis and treatments.

Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Fashion

Siki Im

For menswear designs that draw inspiration from architecture, culture, politics, and psychology.

Natallia Pilipenka

For her fashion designs that mesh traditional craft with conceptual and cultural investigations.

Tuyen Tran

For designs that fuse environmental awareness and everyday functionality with a modern, minimal aesthetic.