Andrew Bolton Wins 2015 Vilcek Prize in Fashion
Nancy Chilton, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Andrew Bolton, curator in The Costume Institute, was chosen as the winner of the Vilcek Prize in Fashion for his curatorial work that elevates fashion as an art form. The prize is part of the 2015 Vilcek Prize and Creative Promise Prizes in the Arts, which are awarded in the field of fashion, and spotlight foreign-born artists with records of major achievement in their fields.

The video above, created by the Vilcek Foundation for the awards ceremony in April, is a fitting tribute to Andrew with a wonderful summary of his legacy by Director Thomas P. Campbell.

In its news announcement, the Vilcek Foundation said: "With a background in anthropology and non-Western art, Andrew brings to his work an intellectual rigor balanced by an enthusiasm for the aesthetic beauty of fashion."

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