Sneak Peak: Interview with Artist Brian Doan

Following the installation of hôme hôme hôme, a new exhibition opening September 14th, a production crew from True Film Productions visited the Vilcek Foundation gallery to film a revealing interview with Vietnamese-born artist Brian Doan.

Mr. Doan’s first solo exhibition in New York City explores identity, memory, and his personal and political experiences from the Vietnam conflict, and his later experiences as an immigrant to the United States. In part, the work “responds to the current political and social issues that we are dealing with today,” Mr. Doan says.  “My work still lays heavily on my history of the Vietnam conflict, but I see the Vietnam conflicts of Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere in the world the same. To me, every conflict is the same. It’s injustice.”

For Mr. Doan, home is meaningful in many different ways. “Home is where you feel you belong,” he reveals. Stay tuned for more about Brian Doan’s exhibition hôme hôme hôme. The interview will air on our YouTube channel this September. Until then, we hope you enjoy a sneak peak of the interview production!

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  • A Message from Jan and Marica Vilcek

    Our founders arrived as penniless refugees over fifty years ago, but with the kindness and opportunity they received in the United States, they went on to accomplish great things in biomedical science and art history. Read their statement on the recent executive order imposing a travel ban.