Farzad Sangari: 10 points to Mudbloods

Quidditch may have originated from the fictional world of Harry Potter, but as a collegiate sport, it’s as real as it gets.  Iranian-born Farzad Sangari’s documentary, Mudbloods, takes us into the world of muggle Quidditch as it follows the UCLA Bruins team to the 5th Annual World Cup in New York.

Quidditch is a co-ed full contact sport that combines elements of rugby, basketball, and dodgeball; although it may be hard to believe that Quidditch can be a real sport (especially without flying broomsticks), Mudbloods shows that it is just like any other – complete with injuries, teamwork, and the occasional heartbreak.

Mudbloods will be screening at festivals around the U.S. this fall, and is also available online on iTunes, Netflix, or through the Mudbloods websiteWatch our exclusive interview with Farzad for more about the filming of Mudbloods, and how playing sports as an immigrant defined his experience growing up in the United States.

For more information, please visit mudbloodsmovie.com.

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