An Artist’s Quest to Discover Home

For Brian Doan, the idea of home is abstract: “Home is a place [where] you’re born, but home is [also] where you feel you belong to.” In his new exhibition hôme hôme hôme, Brian draws inspiration from his past growing up in Vietnam as he continues the journey to find home.

Sitting down for an interview with Anne Schruth, associate program officer at the Vilcek Foundation, Brian reveals the complex nature of his past, memory, and identity. In this new body of work for the exhibition, Brian uses imagery both political and personal as he grapples with memories of a lost childhood and his identity as a member of two very different cultures.

Guests to the Vilcek Foundation gallery enjoyed company both new and old during an opening reception on September 12th. Photos from the reception, as well as a program brochure, are now available.

New to the Vilcek Foundation Gallery, visitors can now dial in to an audio guide that describes the background and inspiration for each work in the exhibition. hôme hôme hôme is open Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 6 pm, through November 9th.

  • A Message from Jan and Marica Vilcek

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