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We are proud to present the work of Swiss-born artist-engineer Marc Böhlen, whose innovative use of custom-made information-processing technology sheds an unfamiliar light on everyday items, such as a cup of water or the accent of a computerized PA system.

Here, Mr. Böhlen presents two thought-provoking works, WaterBar and MakeLanguage – Synthetic Accents, which investigate the ever-evolving relationship between people and the automation systems that play central—but often unnoticed—roles in our everyday lives.



MakeLanguage – Synthetic Accents

MakeLanguage is a trilogy on the arrival of synthetic spoken language produced from text by computers (text to speech, or TTS) in everyday life. The project began around 2004, as desktop dictation and navigation systems with computer-generated voices entered the global marketplace.



About Marc Böhlen

Swiss-born artist-engineer Marc Böhlen, aka RealTechSupport (CH/US), designs and builds information-processing systems that critically reflect on information as a cultural value through speculative robotics interventions. His projects query the relationship between people and automation systems in fundamental ways, with a current focus on public computational media—the making of information for shared concerns in the public realm. His work has been shown in exhibits, museums, and galleries around the world, including VIDA/Art and Artificial Life, and Ars Electronica. His texts have been published with the Association of Computing Machinery, Springer, MIT Press, and the Architectural League of New York. Böhlen is an associate professor in the Department of Media Study at the University at Buffalo in New York.

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